A same sex couple eloping at Latourell Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.

Latourell Falls Elopement | Lucia + Amanda

Lucia and Amanda had the most romantic early fall Latourell Falls Elopement. The Columbia River Gorge is home to many waterfalls but Latourell is our favorite. It is not far from Portland, accessible without a long hike and absolutely breathtaking!

The weather was perfect for Lucia + Amanda’s elopement. After their ceremony we took photos around the falls and headed over to Crown Point Vista House for sunset. This really was the most perfect day and we are so happy for Lucia + Amanda!

Here is some information about how to have a Latourell Falls elopement followed by photos of Amanda + Lucia’s gorgeous day.

How to Elope at Latourell Falls

Are you thinking about having a Latourell Falls Elopement? All you have to do is obtain your marriage license and hire us and we will take care of the rest! However, if you are looking for more information, here are our most commonly asked questions about eloping at Latourell Falls.

Directions to Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls is located in the Columbia River Gorge within Guy Talbot State Park, about 45 minutes from downtown Portland.

Heading East on I-84, take exit 28/Bridal Veil and drive uphill on Bridal Veil Road; at the top, turn right on the Historic Highway. Travel 2.8 miles and turn left into the Latourell Falls parking area.

Heading west on I-84, take exit 35/Ainsworth, and drive 10 miles west on the Historic Highway to the parking area.

Latourell Falls Parking Information

There is a public parking lot located at the Latourell Falls trailhead. If it is full, parking is available on the street across from the lot.

Does Latourell Falls require a permit?

Latourell Falls is not included in the timed use permit system for the Columbia Gorge waterfall corridor and does not require a permit.

How Long is the Hike to Latourell Falls?

The Lower Falls can be accessed very easily from the main parking area. From the parking lot, follow the trail on your right downward and in about 3 minutes you will run right into the lower falls. This is the most photogenic and popular viewpoint and where we recommend having your elopement ceremony.

The Upper Falls is accessible via a 2 mile loop hike that begins at the parking area. Follow the trail going upward and begin your trek. This area will be more private because it requires a hike to access but this may not be obtainable for some couples or guests.

What is the Best Time of Year to Elope at Latourell Falls?

Latourell Falls is beautiful year round but we recommend eloping here in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter, the weather in the gorge is very unpredictable with ice and snow and it is not fun sliding around a muddy trail in a wedding dress!

What is the Best Time of Day to Elope at Latourell Falls?

We recommend eloping at Latourell Falls on a weekday (Monday-Thursday) either early in the morning (before 10am) or about 2 hours before sunset. There is not a lot of space down by the falls so keep your guest list small and be aware that this is a public park that can get very crowded during peak times of the day and year.

Best Places to Take Photos at Latourell Falls

The best place for photos is where the trail ends at the base of the lower falls. Once your elopement is over we can walk closer to the falls for additional photos. Make sure to wear good shoes and be prepared to get wet and muddy!

The Crown Point Vista House and the Portland Women’s Forum are only a few miles from Latourell Falls and great places to visit at the end of your elopement for photos with gorge views and breathtaking sunsets.

Always remember to leave no trace when visiting Latourell Falls and the surrounding Gorge area. This is a very special place and we want to make sure that it remains beautiful for a lifetime!

Photography: Andrea Zajonc Photography \\ Officiant: Diva Matters Ministry \\ Floral: Floral Sunshine

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